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About E & H 

About E&H Farms

     E&H Farms was founded by Eric and Heather Purvis in 1995 in Weskan, Kansas. Eric is a 3rd generation farmer. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Business from Kansas State University in 1994. With 24 years of farming experience, his love for agriculture still runs true. Heather graduated from Kansas State University with her Bachelors of Science in Animal Science and now works alongside Eric on the farm. Eric and Heather are both very active in the community and have served as volunteer EMTs for Wallace county since 1997. They have raised their six children on the farm. Growing up on a farm has instilled in their children to be good stewards of the land, a strong work ethic, respect, honor, accomplishment, and pride in their hard work.

E&H Famly
E&H History

Eric started renting ground while in high school, starting with 300 acres in 1989. Eric knew from childhood that farming would be his lifelong passion. He returned from college to farm full-time in 1994. He and Heather were married later that year. They formed E&H Farms, Inc. in 1995. They started their endeavor by buying his grandfather’s home and surrounding farm ground. Now the operation consists of growing wheat, seed wheat, soybeans, corn, and pinto beans.

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